Divi Theme Review: A Strong Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Elegant Themes' famous Divi WordPress theme lets users create websites with a simple drag-and-drop editor. Without knowing any code, you can build stunning websites using Divi. It has a ton of design options and customization tools that make constructing websites quick and simple.

We will go over all the information you need to know about Divi in this thorough review, including its main features, advantages and disadvantages, cost, real-world website examples, and more. Discover why Divi has become one of the most well-liked WordPress themes by reading on.


Overview of Divi

The "website builder toolkit" Divi is billed as attempts to give users all the resources they need to develop a website without knowing any code. The following are Divi's three essential parts:

The Divi Builder

This drag-and-drop page builder allows you to visually create pages for your WordPress site. Drag and drop different content items such as text, photos, buttons, and so on. Without touching code, you may customize each piece visually using choices.

Divi Library

You can use these hundreds of pre-made layouts, templates, and modules on your website. You can import elements from here, such as headers, footers, page layouts, and certain design elements, into your pages.

Divi Theme Options

With a few clicks, you can change the colors, fonts, and spacing on your entire site. From here, you can make site-wide modifications.

Other features of Divi include global elements, A/B testing for sites, responsive design, and the option to undo or redo builder modifications. There are also numerous Divi extensions and child themes available.

Important Features and Benefits

Here are some of the primary advantages and attributes that Divi provides:

Builder with Visual Drag and Drop

You can visually design pages by dragging and dropping pieces into place in Divi's flexbox-based designer without writing any code. This makes WordPress page creation and customization incredibly rapid and simple.

Huge Library of Content

Get access to over 800 pre-made layouts, 350 templates and 250 modules. These can be imported into any of your pages for a headstart in the design process.

Responsive Design

Divi websites are optimized for mobile devices. Pages you design will automatically resize and rearrange based on screen size. This takes the hassle out of mobile optimization.

Customization Options

Tweak everything about each element’s design with the visual customizer. Change colors, fonts, sizing, spacing, animations and much more. Make global styling changes for your overall site as well.

Split Testing

Test out different versions of a page to see which one performs better. This allows you to continually optimize your site using data-driven design.


Made a mistake? No problem. Divi allows you to easily undo and redo changes made in the builder, so you need not stress about accidentally messing things up.

Load Speed Optimization

Divi uses best practices to keep page sizes small. Images and resources are lazy loaded, code is minimized, and caching is leveraged. This theme is quite well optimized for speed.

Great Support Network

As one of the most popular commercial themes around, Divi has a thriving community forum, detailed docs, and helpful support staff. Resolve any issues rapidly.

Elegant Themes Membership

You gain access to all of Elegant Themes' resources and products when you purchase Divi. You can now use their whole collection of themes, plugins, and tools on your websites.

Consistent Updates

Divi is always being updated with new features, enhancements, and problem fixes. An active development team ensures that the toolkit is future-proof and dependable.

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Pros of Using Divi

Here are some of the main pros or advantages to using the Divi theme:

  • Simple drag-and-drop site builder for quick site creation
  • requires no coding expertise to create and modify sites.
  • contains a large number of templates, layouts, and design modules.
  • incredibly flexible and adaptable for creative freedom
  • Simple site-wide adjustments can be made.
  • Visual A/B testing improves conversions
  • Mobile responsive out-of-the-box
  • Constant updates and reliable support resources
  • Access to full library of Elegant Themes products
  • Well optimized for speed and performance
  • Huge user community with tutorials and guides

Cons of Using Divi

There are also a few downsides to be aware of when using Divi:

  • Can feel overwhelming initially due to vast options
  • Too flexible for users who prefer a simpler experience
  • Being a multipurpose theme, individual customization is needed
  • Being a popular theme, websites may seem less original

Who is Divi Suitable For?

Divi is suitable for a wide range of users given its flexibility and ease of use. Some examples include:

  1. Beginners who desire a simple introduction to WordPress site creation.
  2. Small business owners who want to build their own websites but lack coding abilities.
  3. Designers and developers who require a strong foundation for their client sites.
  4. Marketers and agencies with multiple sites that require efficiency.
  5. Blogs and online magazines that need to churn out content quickly.
  6. Ecommerce stores that need to improve user experience in order to increase sales.
  7. Anyone who values a balance between customization and ease of use.
  8. While first intimidating, Divi's straightforward approach allows most users, regardless of ability level, to design the WordPress sites they desire.

Divi Pricing and Plans

Divi is available for purchase as a yearly membership plan, which provides access to the Divi theme as well as all other Elegant Themes goods and resources. The following are the pricing options:

  • Normal access: $89 per year
  • Developer access: $249 per year (adds unlimited sites)
  • Lifetime access: $249 one-time payment
  • The Developer plan or Lifetime access are recommended for users who want to build multiple client sites with Divi. The normal plan allows use on only 1 site.

There is no free or trial version of Divi, but you can try a demo of the builder on their website to get a feel for it.

All plans include unlimited updates and support, which is useful given how frequently Divi is updated. For those on a tight budget, waiting for a discount period can bring down the price by 20-30%.

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Examples of Sites Built With Divi

Divi has been used to create all kinds of WordPress sites, including:

Personal blogs and online magazines like JessicaKristen.com

Ecommerce stores like Craftedbycaitlin.com

Business and corporate sites like Appnext.com

Online portfolios like Mikeschinkel.com

Nonprofit sites like K9ofmine.com

Directory sites like Greatseniordating.com

Individual professional sites like Nathanbullard.com

The flexibility of Divi allows it to be used for all types of websites. The diverse sites in their showcase demonstrate the customization potential.

Top Divi Theme Extensions

There are several premium Divi-specific extensions available to further expand Divi's capabilities:

  • Divi Supreme Pro - Includes more than 60 modules, 20 templates, and other features.
  • Divi BodyCommerce - Converts Divi into a full-fledged ecommerce solution.
  • Divi Area Pro - Improves row and module options.
  • FilterGrid for Divi - Adds filtering and search capability.
  • Divi Booster - Increases speed and performance.
  • Divi Falls is a website builder that creates multi-page sliding websites.

These plugins expand what you can do visually with the Divi builder without having to code. They are worth investigating if you want to take your website to the next level.

Getting Started With Divi

To get started with Divi, you will need:

Divi Theme and/or Elegant Themes membership

Purchase normal access for use on one site or developer access for unlimited sites. This gives you access to the Divi theme and all other Elegant Themes products.

Local WordPress Install

Install WordPress locally using something like MAMP or Local by Flywheel. This allows you to easily test and build your Divi site before going live.

Install/Activate Divi

Install Divi like any WordPress theme and activate it. This adds the Divi builder plugin needed to create pages.

Configure Theme Options

Adjust global settings like color, fonts, and layout via the Divi → Theme Options panel. This controls the overall site styling.

Build Your Pages

Start using the Divi Builder to create your site pages by dragging and dropping elements into place. Customize each component visually.

Add Content

Populate your pages with text, images, videos and other content using the builder. Get guidance from Divi’s tutorials.

Extend Functionality

  • Install premium Divi extensions that are appropriate for your site for additional capabilities such as ecommerce or filtering.

  • Begin with pre-made layouts - Importing and customizing ready-made Divi Library headers, footers, page templates, and so on speeds up the site-building process.

  • Use Child Themes Correctly - Creating a Divi Child Theme to house all of your customizations protects your changes secure when the parent theme is updated.

  • Image optimization entails compressing and optimizing all media for speed. For each element, use the proper image size. Load larger photos slowly.

  • Limit the amount of modules - Having too many modules on a page will cause it to load slowly. Try to keep things simple and neat. When feasible, use global modules.

  • Customize your mobile design: Use Divi's responsive design features to optimize your site specifically for mobile visitors.

  • Make use of global elements, colors, styles, and CSS code to increase efficiency. There is no need to repeat styling.

  • Add animations with caution. Animations can add refinement but can also have an impact on performance if used excessively. Only use modest effects in critical areas.

  • Seek inspiration online. With over 600,000 Divi sites available, there are enough layout, design, and trick ideas available online.

  • Use the community: Divi has a large community that offers suggestions and advice. Make use of the discussion boards, Facebook groups, and documentation.

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With the popular WordPress theme Divi, non-coders can create websites by dragging and dropping elements. A visual editor, numerous templates, responsive design, and simple customization are all provided. Divi has a learning curve and mainly relies on extensions, despite being strong and flexible. Beginners, small businesses, agencies, and anyone who values customization without coding would benefit from Divi, which starts at $89 per year. Divi continues to be one of the most popular WordPress themes thanks to frequent updates and a vibrant community.

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