VyprVPN Review: Unblock Geo-Restricted Content and Stay Safe Online


VyprVPN Review

Internet security and privacy are becoming increasingly important in today's digital environment. With governments spying on us, hackers assaulting us, and major tech corporations gathering our data, many people are seeking virtual private network (VPN) services to help them stay safe online. In this VyprVPN review, we will examine this provider in depth to determine if it lives up to its boasts of being advanced, ultra-fast, and committed to privacy.

In this in-depth review, we will take a look at VyprVPN's key features, privacy policies, security protocols, server network, speeds, pricing plans, applications, and more. Whether you are considering signing up for VyprVPN or just want to learn about its capabilities, this article covers everything you need to know about VyprVPN.

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What is VyprVPN?

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Switzerland, Golden Frog is focused on internet freedom through its privacy services. VyprVPN operates on a large global network of 700+ high-speed servers in 70+ worldwide locations.

VyprVPN is a premium VPN service that encrypts your internet traffic and masks your IP address to protect your data privacy and anonymity online. By routing your traffic through an encrypted tunnel to their servers, VyprVPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions, ISP throttling, and hide your physical location.

Advantages  VyprVPN

Among the many advantages of utilizing VyprVPN are:

  • Secure connection to keep your data safe from prying eyes.
  • The ability to bypass geographical censorship and gain access to forbidden information. 
  • Online, conceal your physical location and IP address.
  • Prevent third-party logs and tracking of your actions.
  • Protect public Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile data.
  • Increase your online privacy by concealing your identity.
  •  Unblock geo-restricted websites and content.
  • Get faster speeds by avoiding ISP bandwidth limiting.

VyprVPN Features

vyprvpn features

vyprvpn features

Here are some of the core features and capabilities of VyprVPN:

  • - Uses Chameleon protocol to bypass VPN blocking
  • - Own network of 700+ worldwide servers 
  • - Fast server speeds for HD streaming and downloads
  • - Apps for all devices: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android etc.
  • - Unlimited bandwidth with no speed caps
  • - Ability to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • - Zero-knowledge DNS for added privacy
  • - NAT Firewall for protection from leaks  
  • - CyberSec malware and ad blocking filters
  • - 256-bit AES encryption protocols  
  • - No activity or connection logs stored
  • - Public Wi-Fi security and VPN hotspot
  • - 3-day free trial to test the service
  • - 24/7 live chat customer support

VyprVPN uses its own Chameleon protocol and VPN network to provide high speeds. The apps make it easy to use VyprVPN on the go across devices. With robust encryption, zero-logging, and security features like malware blocking, VyprVPN offers a complete VPN solution.

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VyprVPN Privacy and Security

When evaluating a VPN, privacy and security protections are critical. Here is how VyprVPN performs on these aspects:

Encryption and Protocols

VyprVPN uses industry standard AES 256-bit encryption to secure data in transit. This military-grade encryption makes it extremely difficult for anyone to intercept and read your data.

VyprVPN offers OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, Chameleon and PPTP protocol options for encryption. The native Chameleon protocol can bypass VPN blocking in restricted regions.

No activity logs are stored by VyprVPN that can link any online activity to a specific user. Only basic connection logs (server used, connection times) are maintained for troubleshooting purposes.

Chameleon Protocol

Chameleon is a proprietary VPN protocol developed by Golden Frog for VyprVPN. It allows VyprVPN users to bypass VPN blocking and throttling measures imposed by restrictive networks in countries like China, Iran, North Korea etc.

Chameleon works by obfuscating and randomizing OpenVPN packet metadata to disguise the fact that it is VPN traffic. This makes the traffic blend in like normal HTTPS internet activity and prevents deep packet inspection tools from identifying and blocking the VPN connection.

Chameleon Routing

Chameleon uses a special “Nothing up my Sleeves” (NUMS) algorithm to randomly generate and scramble packet metadata like packet size, timing, order etc. This constantly changes the fingerprint of the traffic to prevent matching against known VPN profiles.

The scrambling makes Chameleon very difficult and compute-intensive to decode on the fly. Chameleon endpoint connections also rotate frequently adding further obfuscation.

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Stealth Procedure


VyprVPN goes a step further on "stealth" servers by using a unique cryptographic bootstrapping mechanism before traffic is routed through OpenVPN or Chameleon layers.


To prevent detection of the VPN tunnel construction procedure itself, Stealth constructs the initial encryption "handshake" using a gradually altering set of ports, protocols, and encryption ciphers. Following the activation of the secure VPN connection, traffic is routed using the standard OpenVPN AES-256 system.


This additional disguise of the connection starting makes it practically impossible for deep packet inspection to detect the initiation of a VPN session. This level of stealth, when combined with IP leak prevention within the Stealth servers, helps bypass censorship and eavesdropping even more comprehensively in high-risk contexts such as public WiFi hotspots.



While the Chameleon protocol can be used in many countries, the following are some examples of when it has been particularly useful:


China: The Great Firewall of China is a sophisticated system that severely restricts internet access and outright refuses VPN connections. By employing the Chameleon protocol, Chinese users can circumvent these restrictions and gain access to prohibited websites and services, such as social networking sites, news websites, and messaging apps.

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Russia : Internet service providers (ISPs) are required to block access to specific websites and online services under Russia's stringent internet censorship legislation. Russian users can circumvent these limitations and gain unfettered access to the internet by using the Chameleon protocol.


Iran: There is a history of the Iranian government maintaining stringent internet censorship, preventing access to a variety of websites and social media platforms. People in Iran are able to get past these limitations and freely access material and services by exploiting the Chameleon protocol.

United Arab Emirates (UAE): Due to strong internet rules, the UAE prohibits or restricts access to a number of websites and VoIP services. Users in the UAE can get around these restrictions and access prohibited information and communication sites by using the Chameleon protocol.


Turkey: Recently, social networking platforms, news sources, and online services have been subject to limitations due to increased internet control. Users in Turkey can circumvent these limitations and continue to access a free and open internet by employing the Chameleon protocol.

Egypt : Internet access is restricted, and VPN traffic is barred by the Great Firewall of Egypt. Users can get around these restrictions and access blocked websites and services by using the Chameleon protocol. Internet service providers (ISPs) are compelled by Egypt's strong internet censorship laws to block access to particular websites and online services, enabling customers to browse the internet without restriction.

Obfuscated Servers

In restricted regions, VyprVPN provides obfuscated “Chameleon” servers that support the protocol. Connecting to these special servers is necessary for Chameleon to work and bypass geo-restrictions.

The VyprVPN apps have built-in detection to automatically use Chameleon protocol when appropriate. This makes bypassing VPN blocking seamless for users.

Chameleon remains one of the most effective protocols for bypassing basic VPN blocking especially for travelers and expats in restrictive regions. It adds significant extra utility to the VyprVPN service.

Server Locations  

VyprVPN maintains its own global network of 700+ servers located in 70+ countries worldwide. This allows you to bypass geo-restrictions by masking your location with an IP address from a different country.

Having their own servers also means no third-parties are involved that could compromise privacy. VyprVPN owns the full server infrastructure.

VPN Kill Switch 

VyprVPN apps have a kill switch feature that automatically terminates internet access if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. This prevents any personal data from leaking out via your unencrypted IP address.


VyprVPN offers its own zero-knowledge DNS service called VyprDNS to users. This prevents DNS requests from leaking out and hides querying activity from your ISP.

NAT Firewall

This firewall blocks unencrypted outbound traffic from bypassing the VyprVPN tunnel. The NAT firewall ensures everything is routed through the VPN connection only for full security.

Public Wi-Fi Security

VyprVPN auto-connects securely on public Wi-Fi networks to safeguard your device. Your data remains encrypted to keep it safe from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Strict No Logs Policy

VyprVPN has a clear no-logs policy and does not track or store browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries. Only non-identifiable connection data is kept for troubleshooting issues and improving performance.

VyprVPN has also been independently audited and proven to not log personal activity data. This strict no logging makes VyprVPN one of the most trusted VPNs.

In summary, VyprVPN utilizes top-tier encryption, own servers, zero-knowledge DNS, firewalls and other techniques to ensure maximum privacy and anonymity online for users.

VyprVPN Speed and Performance

One of VyprVPN's most prominent boasts is its capacity to provide fast, dependable connections while maintaining encryption security. We performed multiple speed tests from various locations .

VyprVPN consistently produced speeds that were either similar to or slightly slower than our non-VPN baseline throughout all of our desktop and mobile tests from various locales,This level of performance is impressive.

  • - Uses Chameleon protocol optimized for speed
  • - Owns and operates their own server network
  • - Server locations strategically placed for fastest routes
  • - No speed caps or bandwidth limits imposed
  • - Typically low latency and ping times
  • - Average download speeds of 60 - 85 Mbps
  • - Speeds sufficient for 4K streaming on Netflix etc.

For the best speeds, connect to the fastest server suggested by the VyprVPN app for your location. Manually selecting the nearest server also helps maximize speed.

On 1 Gbps fiber optic connections, VyprVPN delivers download speeds averaging around 200 – 300 Mbps. On slower 100 Mbps connections, expect 60 – 90 Mbps download speeds. 

While not the fastest VPN available, VyprVPN provides sufficiently fast connections for browsing, streaming, torrenting and general use for most users. The unlimited bandwidth eliminates speed throttling as well.

VyprVPN Applications 

VyprVPN offers native apps for all major platforms:

Windows – Simple app for Windows PCs and laptops

Mac – App for macOS computers and MacBooks

Android – Android app for mobiles and tablets 

iOS – iOS app for iPhone and iPad

Linux – Command line client for Linux

Router – Router firmware for VPN at network-level

The apps provide an easy way to connect to the nearest high-speed VyprVPN server, monitor connection status, and switch locations.  

Instaling the router firmware allows encrypting traffic for all devices connected to that network like smart TVs, games consoles, and smart home devices under one subscription.

Apps are designed to auto-connect when joining untrusted networks for public Wi-Fi security. They also have useful features like an Internet Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection.

Some apps also allow split tunneling which routes only selective apps/websites through the VPN tunnel. This is useful to optimize speeds and reduce mobile data usage.

VyprVPN plans allow connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously. Apps are available across all major desktop and mobile platforms, making VyprVPN very easy to use on the go.

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VyprVPN Server Locations

VyprVPN operates 700+ servers in 70+ worldwide locations spread across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Some of the most popular server locations include:

North America: Canada, United States (15 locations), Mexico

South America:  Brazil

Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland

Asia: Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, India

Australia/NZ: Australia (2 locations), New Zealand

Africa: South Africa , Egypt

Having global server locations enables unblocking geo-restricted content by changing your virtual location. Lots of IP addresses are available in core regions like North America and Europe for reliable connections.

VyprVPN is constantly expanding its server network. Rare locations like Turkey, South Africa, and Vietnam are also covered along with the major countries.

VyprVPN Plans and Pricing

VyprVPN offers two subscription plans for personal and business use:


Monthly Plan: $10 each month. Individual customers seeking for a flexible month-to-month plan will find this to be the best value.


Yearly Plan - $5/month (paid annually at $60). Cheapest per month, but requires a one-year commitment to save 50% above monthly.


All options include the same full-featured service with unlimited data and up to five concurrent connections. To preserve users' financial privacy, VyprVPN accepts major credit and debit cards as well as Bitcoin for payment. All programs include a 30-day money-back guarantee

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In conclusion, our evaluation of VyprVPN revealed that it performed as promised on extremely fast connections—in some cases even better than non-VPN performance. Its extensive network of more than 700 servers offers exceptional coverage for viewing geo-restricted content worldwide.


With fantastic features like multi-hop, a persistent kill switch, and an always-on mode ideal for mobile security, apps were refined across all platforms. A nice, supportive staff is backed up by live support around the clock. When it comes to boosting online payment privacy, VyprVPN is also Bitcoin-friendly.

VyprVPN's mix of excellent speeds, streaming unblocking capabilities, strict privacy policies, and multi-device support, at a low price of $5–10 per month, will make it a popular option among VPN customers that prioritize security. The 30-day money-back guarantee makes sure there's no danger of independently confirming its exceptional performance. For confidently securing your online activity, we highly recommend it.

Based on my personal experience,VyprVPN

One of the best VPN applications ever is available in countries that have strict policies on accessing some websites or that prohibit VPN services.VyprVPN is able to access the entire Internet and protect privacy without any issues,But if you want a VPN for streaming, I recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN (alert-success)

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