IPVanish VPN Review 2023: Is It Still One of the Best?


ipvanish VPN Review


ipvanish VPN Review


VPN services have become increasingly popular in recent years as more people become concerned about their online privacy and security. With so many VPN providers out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. ipvanish is one of the top VPN services available today. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about ipvanish VPN.


About ipvanish


ipvanish is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider based in the United States. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.


ipvanish operates a global VPN network that spans over 40 countries with hundreds of servers. They claim to offer robust encryption, zero traffic logs, and fast connection speeds.


ipvanish servers

Some key facts about ipvanish:


- Offers VPN applications for all major platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, etc.


- Uses 256-bit AES encryption by default


- Has a strict no logging policy for traffic or connection timestamps


- Allows P2P/torrenting on all servers


- Permits up to 10 simultaneous device connections


- Unblocks popular streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.


- Provides 24/7 live chat and email customer support


- Owns and manages all server infrastructure in-house


- Based in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction of the United States


- Offers over 40,000 shared IP addresses across 75+ countries


- Has server network capacity of over 20Gbps


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Features & Benefits of ipvanish


ipvanish has all the standard VPN features you would expect, along with some unique advantages:


Robust encryption

 ipvanish utilizes 256-bit AES encryption by default on all connections. This is military-grade encryption that ensures no one can see your internet traffic.


No traffic logs

 ipvanish has a strict zero logging policy for both traffic and connections timestamps. This means they do not track or record any of your online activity while connected to their VPN.


Kill switch 

 The kill switch feature blocks all internet traffic if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. This prevents your real IP address from being exposed if the VPN disconnects.


Socks5 proxies

 You can use ipvanish with Socks5 proxies for added anonymity when torrenting or accessing geo-restricted sites.


P2P/torrenting allowed 

All ipvanish servers permit peer-to-peer file sharing and torrenting. There are no bandwidth restrictions when using their VPN.


Multihop connections 

You can route your VPN connection through multiple countries for enhanced privacy and security.


Unblocks Netflix & more 

ipvanish can unblock popular streaming sites like US Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and others.


Fast speeds

Due to their large server network, ipvanish offers fast connection speeds for streaming, browsing, and downloading.


10 device connections

You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously on one ipvanish account. This covers most users' needs for mobile, laptop, console, router, etc.


Apps for all devices 

ipvanish offers native VPN apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Linux, and routers. Manual setup guides are also available.


Live chat support 

ipvanish has 24/7 live chat available right on their website. You can get help from a real person any time of day.


ipvanish VPN Security & Privacy


As a VPN provider, the most important thing ipvanish offers is ironclad security and privacy for users. Here is how ipvanish performs in these crucial areas:


Encryption & protocols


ipvanish uses AES 256-bit encryption by default. This advanced encryption secures data so that no one else can access it. They also offer a range of VPN protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, and PPTP. OpenVPN is recommended since it's the most secure.


No logging policy


ipvanish has a strict no logs policy. They do not record any traffic logs, VPN IP assigned, DNS requests, or connection timestamps. The only information they collect is your email for billing purposes and total bandwidth used monthly.


Kill switch


The ipvanish VPN kill switch will block your entire internet access if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. This prevents identity leaks by stopping traffic until the VPN reconnects.


Leak protection


Other leak protection features include a secure VPN handshake, IPv6 leak prevention, DNS leak prevention, and automatic WiFi protection that secures public hotspots.




ipvanish is based in the United States, which has better privacy laws than countries like China, Russia, and other Fourteen Eyes members. However, keep in mind that US agencies can still request user data with a subpoena.


In summary, ipvanish offers excellent security through its use of AES 256-bit encryption and features like a kill switch and leak protection. The zero logging policy prevents them from having any user activity data to reveal if pressured.


ipvanish VPN Speed & Reliability


For a VPN to be useful, it needs to offer good speeds and be reliable. Here's how ipvanish performs:


Connection speeds


In speed tests, ipvanish provides fast VPN speeds across its global server locations. Since they own their entire network infrastructure, they can optimize servers for speed. Typical speed reductions are 15-30% for most connections. Streaming in HD and 4K works well.




Their service is very reliable due to redundancy built into their server network. Even if one server goes down, your VPN automatically rolls over to the next closest server. Their network uptime over the last year is 99.9%.


Server locations


ipvanish has servers in 75+ countries, allowing you to choose locations closest to you. Popular countries include US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, and more. They have over 40,000 shared IPs available.


Congestion & bandwidth


ipvanish's large server network means you are less likely to encounter congested, overloaded servers. There is enough bandwidth capacity across their network to handle all uses like streaming & torrenting.


In summary, ipvanish offers reliably fast speeds across its robust global server infrastructure. The network has sufficient capacity and redundancy to ensure a stable connection at all times. Speeds are more than adequate for streaming, browsing, P2P sharing, and more.


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Streaming & Torrenting with ipvanish


Many people use a VPN to access geo-restricted streaming sites or download torrents safely and anonymously. Here's how ipvanish performs for streaming and torrenting:


Unblocking streaming sites


ipvanish can successfully unblock major streaming platforms like US Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, ESPN+, and Amazon Prime Video. Just connect to a server in the appropriate country.


P2P & torrenting


Torrenting is allowed on all ipvanish servers without any bandwidth restrictions. You can use their VPN to download torrents anonymously and avoid issues like DMCA notices.


Socks5 proxies


For added anonymity with torrenting, ipvanish offers Socks5 proxies you can use with your torrent client. This adds another layer of privacy.


Media streaming


Thanks to fast speeds across their network, you can stream HD and 4K content smoothly without buffering while connected to ipvanish servers.


In summary, ipvanish is great for streaming and torrenting. It can unblock major platforms, allows P2P activity on all servers, and provides smooth speeds for media streaming. The optional Socks5 proxies add further anonymity.


Devices Supported by ipvanish


ipvanish offers native VPN apps for most major platforms and devices:   


  • - Windows - app for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • - Mac - macOS app
  • - iOS - iPhone and iPad app
  • - Android - Android app for phones & tablets
  • - Linux - Ubuntu & Debian app
  • - Chromebook - Chromebook app 
  • - Firefox - Firefox browser extension
  • - Routers - install on ASUS, DD-WRT, Tomato routers
  • - Consoles - manual setup guides for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
  • - Fire TV - Amazon Fire TV Stick app
  • - Apple TV - install on Apple TV 4th gen or later
  • - Android TV - install on Nvidia Shield & other Android TV devices


The apps are straightforward to install and easy to use on all platforms. If your device doesn't have a native app, you can always connect manually using the VPN protocols and ipvanish's setup guides. Their handy 24/7 live chat can also assist with device setup.


ipvanish Pricing & Plans


ipvanish offers competitive pricing with big discounts for annual plans:

ipvanish prices

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monthly plan

- 1 month - $11.99 per month

1 year plan

- 1 year - $41.88 total ($3.49 per month) Save 70%

2 years plan

 1 year - $71.76 total ($2.99 per month) Save 75%

The 2-years plan has the best value at just $2.99 per month. All plans allow unlimited data usage and 10 simultaneous connections.


You can pay using all major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. A 7-day money-back guarantee is available for testing the service risk-free.

Customer Support

IPVanish prides itself on providing helpful and responsive 24/7 support to both new and existing users. Their assistance options include:

Live Chat Support

Live help is available at all times directly from the IPVanish website. Simply select "Chat with Support" and an agent will respond usually within a minute or two.

Ticket-Based Support

 For non-urgent inquiries, users can open a support ticket from their account dashboard or from IPVanish.com. Email tickets are usually addressed within 12-24 hours.

Support Portal Knowledgebase

 Comprehensive self-help articles cover everything from VPN setup guides to troubleshooting common issues across all platforms and devices.

Email Support 

General questions can also be sent to support@ipvanish.com during business hours for response within 1-2 business days.

Social Media Support

 Agents are available on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit to assist individuals and monitor conversation trends.

Phone Support

 Toll free numbers are provided for select countries including the US, UK, Australia and Singapore. Phone hours currently run from 8:00am to 5:00pm PST/PDT.

Live Chat is the fastest and most direct way to obtain real-time assistance from IPVanish technicians. Most common inquiries like billing issues, login problems or configuration questions can usually be addressed in minutes. The knowledgebase also proves useful for self-servicing certain technical problems and learning VPN fundamentals. Overall, IPVanish support aims to be helpful, transparent and accessible to keep customers protected and informed.

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In summary, IPVanish establishes itself as one of the top-tier VPN providers on the market based on performance, features, platform support, and reasonable pricing. Its robust network of over 1,300 servers delivers reliably fast connections from almost anywhere in the world. Military-grade OpenVPN and IKEv2 encryption with perfect forward secrecy leaves no gap in online security and privacy.

Supporting up to 10 simultaneous devices with a single account makes IPVanish a great fit for personal, home or small office use cases. Extras like a dedicated kill switch, leak protection, and special app/router configurations further raise the security and user experience bar. Streamlined apps on all major operating systems ensure easy access from any device. 

While some niche services may outdo IPVanish on paper in certain individual metrics, no other provider matches its excellent overall blend of performance, features, value and customer service at this price point. The unconditional 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee mitigates all risk for new users to test for themselves. 

With no activity or identity logs kept and all traffic fully secured and routed through an extensive global infrastructure, IPVanish safely unblocks content while maintaining complete online anonymity according to its privacy policy. Reviewing all these factors, it's clear why IPVanish consistently tops best VPN provider rankings and has amassed a large, satisfied customer user base worldwide. This full-featured VPN service delivers on every front for most use cases.


FAQs about IPVanish VPN:

Q: How many devices can I use IPVanish on simultaneously?

A: IPVanish allows up to 10 devices connected at once under a single subscription.

Q: Which payment methods does IPVanish accept?

A: IPVanish accepts payments via major credit/debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and AliPay for maximum payment flexibility.

Q: Does IPVanish keep any logs of my activity?

A: No, IPVanish has a strict no-logs policy and does not track or store users' IP addresses, traffic, timestamps or any other identifiable information.

Q: How fast is IPVanish VPN typically?

A: Real-world speed tests show IPVanish delivers speeds suitable for web browsing, video streaming and more, averaging around 50-90 Mbps globally.

Q: What platforms and devices can I use IPVanish on?

A: IPVanish works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux along with routers and more, through dedicated apps and profiles for each platform.

Q: Is IPVanish easy to set up and use?

A: Yes, IPVanish has intuitive desktop and mobile apps that make setup quick and simple on any device, along with 24/7 live support assistance.

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