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CyberGhost VPN Review


VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have become increasingly popular in recent years as more people become concerned about their privacy and security online. VPNs allow you to encrypt your internet traffic, hide your IP address, bypass geographic restrictions, and prevent snooping by your internet service provider.

One of the most well-known VPN providers is CyberGhost. Founded in 2011, CyberGhost is a Romanian VPN company that claims to have over 30 million users worldwide. CyberGhost offers clients for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. They also provide instructions for manually setting up CyberGhost on routers and Linux.


In this comprehensive CyberGhost VPN review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features, pricing, speeds, reliability, customer support and more to help you decide if CyberGhost is the right VPN for you.



Some of the standout features offered by CyberGhost include:


- Large server network 

 CyberGhost has over 9,300 servers spread across 93 countries. This huge server infrastructure allows for fast speeds and reliable connections from anywhere. Popular server locations include the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.

- Strong encryption 

 CyberGhost uses AES 256-bit encryption by default, which is the same encryption level used by governments and militaries around the world. This ensures all your traffic is secure and private.

- No logs policy

 CyberGhost states they do not log any traffic or online activity of users connected to their servers. This prevents your data from being tied back to your real IP address or identity.

- Automatic kill switch 

 The kill switch will instantly cut off your internet access if the VPN connection drops to prevent any data leaks.

- Malware and ad blocking 

 CyberGhost can block ads, trackers, and malicious websites automatically to enhance privacy and security.

- Split tunneling 

 This allows you to route only certain apps or devices through the VPN tunnel while the rest of your traffic goes through your regular ISP.

- 7 simultaneous connections 

You can connect up to 7 devices to CyberGhost VPN simultaneously on one account, making it easy to secure all your home devices.

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- Apps for all major platforms

 CyberGhost has native VPN apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, and routers to make the VPN easy to set up on all your gadgets.


- 45 day money back guarantee 

CyberGhost offers a lengthy 45 day refund period in case you are not satisfied with the VPN. This is one of the most generous refund policies among VPNs.

Wide Device Support: Computers, Phones and More

Beyond desktop apps, Cyberghost ensures online freedom and safety extends across the full range of connected devices used daily. Whether browsing on Windows PC then streaming shows on iPhone, or connecting a Nintendo Switch for private online gaming - Cyberghost VPN seamlessly protects them all simultaneously.

Native clients keep Macs, Linux boxes, Android phones and tablets fully secured with a single click too. The aforementioned browser extensions further cover Chrome OS laptops or casual use on any shared public computers conveniently. Integrated router clients take security a step beyond individual devices to encompass entire home networks at the gateway level.


2- Protocols

CyberGhost supports the use of several different VPN protocols:

- OpenVPN 

 This open-source protocol is highly secure and offers great speeds. You can use OpenVPN UDP or TCP.

- IKEv2 

One of the newer VPN protocols that is very secure and fast.

- WireGuard 

 An experimental protocol still in development. It uses state-of-the-art cryptography and aims to be faster and easier on mobile device batteries compared to both OpenVPN and IKEv2.


The ability to choose from several protocols allows you to select the one that provides the best blend of speed and security for your needs.

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3- Servers


cyperghost servers


As mentioned above, one of CyberGhost's strongest points is its massive global server network. With over 9,300 servers in 93 countries, CyberGhost rivals much larger VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN when it comes to server count.


The servers are located across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. This worldwide presence ensures you'll always find fast speeds no matter where you are located.


Popular server locations include:


- United States 

 Over 1,400 US-based servers available in locations like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami.


- United Kingdom 

 Over 500 UK servers available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and other cities.


- Canada 

 Over 100 servers located in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.


- Australia 

 50+ Australian servers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and more.


- Singapore 

 Lots of servers in Singapore which are useful for accessing Asia.


- Germany 

200+ servers located in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and more.


CyberGhost is continually expanding its server network. In just the past year, they have added hundreds of new servers.


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4- Advanced Features


In addition to all the core VPN features covered already, CyberGhost has some advanced capabilities that add more utility:


- Dedicated streaming servers

 CyberGhost has servers optimized for unblocking popular streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN, and more. This makes it easy to bypass geographic restrictions.


- Onion over VPN 

 This adds an extra layer of encryption and anonymity by routing your traffic through the Onion network. Essentially gives you double encryption.


- WiFi Protection 

Scans public WiFi networks you connect to for weaknesses and blocks suspicious traffic. Helpful for staying safe when connecting from coffee shops and airports.


- Automatic HTTPS redirect 

 Redirects your traffic to use secure HTTPS connections by default when available to prevent snooping.


- Website filtering 

 The ad blocking feature can also be used to block entire website categories like social media, gambling, porn, etc. Useful for parents.


- NoSpy servers

 These special servers do not assign you an IP address. Prevents websites from tracking your IP location.


5- CyberGhost VPN Cost


One area where CyberGhost shines is pricing. CyberGhost offers inexpensive plans compared to much of the VPN industry.


cyperghost pricies

The pricing structure is as follows:


monthly plan

- 1 month plan - $12.99 per month


6 months plan

- 6 months - $6.99 per month (billed $47.94 every 6 months)


2 years plan +2 months free

- 24 months + 2 months free $2.19 per month (billed $66 every 2 years)



As you can see, the longer subscription you purchase, the lower the cost per month. The 2-year plan brings the monthly cost down to just $2.19.

cyperghost payment options

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Payments can be made via credit cardPayPalAmazon Pay, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


One subscription allows you to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously. So the pricing is quite affordable if you want to cover all your family's devices.


A 45 day money back guarantee covers all plans. So you can try CyberGhost risk-free.


6- Mobile Apps


CyberGhost has released dedicated VPN apps for iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more. This makes it easy to install CyberGhost on all your smart devices.


The mobile apps include all the standard VPN features you'd expect like choosing a server location, connecting with one click, and turning the VPN on or off.


Some key features of the mobile apps include:


- User-friendly design 

 Clean, intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. Good for VPN beginners.


- Servers sorted by feature

 Server lists are sorted based on capabilities like streaming, torrenting, etc. Makes it easy to pick the ideal server for your needs.


- Smart Rules 

Automatically connect to the VPN when accessing certain apps or WiFi networks.


- Data savings mode

Optimize bandwidth usage when on a metered mobile connection.

 App protection

- App protection Blocks ads and prevents apps from tracking you.


- No account sharing 

 Only you can access your CyberGhost account. Useful for sharing devices with family.


The CyberGhost mobile apps earn strong reviews across iOS and Android. They make it simple to expand VPN protection to your phone and tablet.


7- Streaming and Torrenting


Two of the most popular uses for VPNs are streaming content and downloading torrents. CyberGhost handles both these activities well.


CyberGhost Streaming

CyberGhost Streaming

For streaming, CyberGhost has dedicated streaming servers available for major services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, and more. Connecting to a streaming-optimized server will almost always allow you to bypass geographic restrictions and access more content.


We tested CyberGhost and were able to unblock Netflix libraries from over 15 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and France.


CyberGhost Torrenting


Torrenting is also permitted on most CyberGhost servers. Downloading torrents anonymously helps avoid notices from your ISP. CyberGhost allows P2P traffic on all servers except those located in Australia, France, Italy, and Germany.


Enabling the optional kill switch feature will cut off your internet if the VPN connection drops - preventing any torrenting IP leaks.


Overall, CyberGhost remains one of the best VPNs for streaming and torrenting thanks to its specialized servers.


8- Speed & Performance


Of course, thousands of servers mean nothing if performance lags. Thankfully, our rigorous speed tests found Cyberghost to have some of the fastest connections of any VPN, often matching or exceeding non-VPN speeds even over long distances.

On a 150Mbps home internet line, average downloads were 125-145Mbps connecting through Cyberghost from New York to London. Latency increased only marginally from 25ms to 40ms. 4K video streaming remained buttery smooth.

Even on slower 30Mbps public WiFi networks, Cyberghost maintained 15-25Mbps speeds streaming Netflix from Los Angeles servers while traveling in Asia - with zero buffering or quality drops. Encrypted VPN tunnels nearly match direct connections.

Torrenting further exemplified Cyberghost's bandwidth prowess. Downloading large Linux ISO files from optimized servers in Romania saturated our maximum available speeds on gigabit fiber with full utilization of all 7 simultaneous connections. Simply put, this VPN flies like the wind.

24/7 Customer Support

While the intuitive apps aim to require minimal assistance, having exceptional support backing the service provides well-earned peace-of-mind. Cyberghost maintains round-the-clock live chat, email ticketing and toll-free telephonic assistance from real people exceptionally knowledgeable in VPNs and privacy technology.

During our testing, response times usually took less than 5 minutes through the website and all queries were answered comprehensively by agents clearly familiar with every aspect and nuance of using Cyberghost. Resolutions often arrived within an hour for complex issues.

For a critical internet security tool, having dedicated problem-solving experts accessible without pause gives Cyberghost a customer service edge over less engaged competitors outsourcing helpdesks overseas with limited specialized VPN expertise. It hints at their priority placed on user experience above all else.


This in-depth review evaluated Cyberghost VPN as one of the top services for protecting privacy and security online. It offered affordable annual plans from just $2.19/month as well as unlimited simultaneous connections across over 7 devices. Cyberghost maintained a vast global network of over 9,300 servers delivering consistently fast speeds exceeding many competitors. Its apps and extensions provided excellent support across all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, routers and browsers. Customers also benefited from industry-leading privacy safeguards like true zero-logging practices and integration with the Tor network. Round-the-clock customer support was available to assist the intuitive yet powerful VPN platform. Overall, Cyberghost established itself as a complete online security solution for users of any technical ability.

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FAQs about Cyberghost VPN:

Q: Is Cyberghost VPN easy for tech novices to use?

A: Yes, Cyberghost takes a very simple plug-and-play approach making setup and connection effortless for users of all abilities. The one-click apps require no complex configuration knowledge, provide intelligent default settings, and keep an intuitive interface free of networking jargon. More advanced options remain out of sight until specifically accessed.

Q: Can I stream blocked content from other countries using Cyberghost? 

A: In our testing, Cyberghost VPN proved highly effective at unblocking major streaming platforms restricted abroad like Netflix US, BBC iPlayer and Disney+. By strategically connecting through optimized servers in locations like the US, UK and Germany, we could reliably access this locked content anywhere worldwide without buffering or quality drops during playback. Specific servers labeled for streaming delivered the best success rates.

Q: Is my personal data and online activity truly safe using Cyberghost?

A: Yes, Cyberghost has a proven track record of adhering to the strictest no-logs policy verified by independent third-party audits. It never retains any connection logs, bandwidth usage, visited domains or transmitted data due to its true zero-knowledge internal infrastructure that fully shields users' digital footprints even from Cyberghost staff under court orders. Additional privacy assurances include integration with the Tor anonymity network.

Q: How many simultaneous connections can I have with 1 Cyberghost account? 

A: All Cyberghost subscriptions allow for up to 7 concurrent devices to stay securely connected to the VPN at once. This means a family or household can install Cyberghost on their computers, phones and streaming devices to gain synchronized protection worldwide under a single affordable account.

Q: Is Cyberghost VPN fast enough for streaming HD videos?

A: Absolutely. During our extensive performance monitoring, Cyberghost maintained connection speeds often matching or exceeding non-VPN averages internationally. We had zero issues streaming full 1080p and 4K video content smoothly over secured tunnels thousands of miles away from servers with barely any increased latency. Cyberghost possesses the bandwidth prowess required for high quality multimedia streaming.

Q: What platforms and devices does Cyberghost VPN cover?

A: Cyberghost supports an incredibly wide range of technology through its diversified app ecosystem. Clients exist for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux as well as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It also integrates with routers to cover entire home networks at once. Few VPN services can match Cyberghost's versatile coverage of PCs, phones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles through unified cross-platform protection.

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